Business from the Heart

“My heart just wasn’t in it any more after that happened!”  I have heard so many people say that about work or business they were involved in. Something changed and they could no longer feel the same way about what they had loved doing. I am sure you have heard people say that too. We can all understand how that can be. We all know the huge difference it makes when your heart is in something and when it is not. We all love being served by people who enjoy their work. Their product or their service seems just so much better when their heart is in it. I have had the great pleasure to work in some businesses where you could feel there was a great spiritm where the business was run from the heart.

I love going to places of work where I am greeted with a smile, a friendly face, together with an attitude of genuine service. It can be for something simple like a cup of coffee, an electrical appliance, a newspaper or petrol in a petrol station. Businesses just don’t happen to be that way purely by chance; they only happen when the business and the people you are dealing with are working from the heart.

Business plays a vital role in society; all of us are directly and indirectly affected by it principally either as workers or customers. If we simply count the number of products and services we use every single day that businesses provide for us, we see how our lives are affected in so many ways. How business is conducted therefore, whether it is from the heart or just simply for profit, impacts on us very deeply.

Every single business, no matter what product or service it provides, is simply too important to be run in any other way than from the heart. That is never an obstacle to profit making or efficiency; it is a vital part of it.

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