The Power of Coaching

Look at the very best individual sportspeople we all know of – people like Rory McElroy, Roger Federer – they all use a Coach. Many top, highly successful business people also use a Coach. It seems like an irony that the Coach they use will probably not have nearly the same ability in sport or business that their clients have. The truth is the Coach does not have to be better than the client; the Coach does not even to have any real ability in the particular area of expertise of the client.

A Coach does not dish out advice. What a Coach does is much more simple but more profound than that. A Coach trusts the ability of the client to address whatever issue needs changing and to set and achieve realistic and meaningful goals; the Coach helps the client analyse their own strengths and their weaknesses, helps them see what is causing them difficulty in dealing with this particular challenge, obstacle or problem.

Coaching builds on strengths and on passion; it allows people go beyond their current limiting habits, fearful mind set or emotional blockage. It helps people focus on practising those steps, actions or thoughts that they themselves know are what is needed to achieve what they want, what is in their true best interest.

It seems so simple and it is. But like all simple things in life, it requires commitment and dedication; it requires a real choice to go beyond where we are currently at; to refuse to be just the same old, same old; to allow ourselves to open up to our greatness. We do all of the work ourselves; a good Coach is often only needed to help the kick-start and occasionally to touch base with.

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