The Workplace should primarily be an incubator for the human spirit

It may seem strange and unrealistic in the middle of a recession to talk about a workplace being an incubator for the human spirit. Many people are just glad to have a job, even if it exhausting, boring, hated, tolerated or hopefully liked and even loved.

The quotation for the title of this blog is from Anita Roddick, the British businesswoman who founded The Body Shop. Thankfully there are now many business people like Anita and inspirational leaders who manage their workplace in similarly enlightened ways.

Many businesses aim to build a supportive work atmosphere that encourages employee involvement and creativity. They have learned to discard management practices that perpetuate an unhealthy or uninspiring work environment. Enlightened business people see their staff and the welfare of their staff as the key to building a solid and profitable business. People who love to go to their work are invaluable assets to their business.

Our workplace is vitally important at all times. It can support us, encourage us and motivate us to be vibrant, enjoying what we do. It can help us develop and practice new skills, new attitudes, new ways of doing our work, new ways of dealing with challenges, new ways of expressing our unique talents.

We can choose to really be part of our current workplace, no matter how long we intend to stay there. A workplace that is primarily uplifting the human spirit is not some imaginary workplace that some day we may find. We help create that workplace. We always have that choice.

If our current workplace feels like it is the wrong one for us, we can still sing and transform how we relate to it until we leave. If it feels the right workplace to be in, we can put energy into transforming it into a place where our heart easily sings, where we love going and where we return from fulfilled and energised