Richard Branson: A breath of fresh air

The more I know about Richard Branson, the more I realise what a wonderful approach he has to life and business. I find him inspiritional and uplifting. He sees a physical or mental challenge (he is dyslexic) as an asset rather than a liability. It gives him the freedom to approach things from his unique style and approach.

He writes very simply and honestly: “The world is full of extraordinary, heroic people doing heroic, extraordinary things. I think, however, that we can make the world better just by doing things differently, in a day-to-day, more or less ordinary way” (“Screw Business as Usual” P.37). But Richard Branson does not just write or say things like that; he walks the walk. It is not a theory he has developed but rather a wisdom that he has gained from his experiences and his courageous and compassionate adventures in life and business.

He promotes and encourages entrepreneurs all over the world who are reinventing the way we do business to serve communities and protect our natural resources. He seeks out such entrepreneurs with a view to working with them to create a much greater impact on how we take responsibility for our planet and the people who inhabit it. He helps create networks of businesses that focus on specific issues that they can collectively make some impact on or influence for a better, more caring solution.

It is a wonderful blessing to come across extraordinary people like Richard Branson. For many years I have believed in and promoted business from the heart; I have met many very good examples of people who approach business that way; many of these are small, not well known companies. Richard is very well known and always willing to speak openly about his work and that approach to business. He shows clearly that business from the heart, business with a heart, can be combined with business acumen within financially successful, dynamic companies

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