Staff need to feel valued

A friend of mine who works for a well known Irish company gets an email from her boss every weekend. Nothing unusual about that in their company – so does every other member of staff.

Although the information in the email for my friend contains almost exactly the same business information and updates as for other staff in the same section of work, it is still feels personal to her.

It tells her and each staff member one very significant thing – that they are very important in the business. Staff are valued in that company; the company tells them so. It is they who sell the products, who meet the clients, who answer the calls; their voices are the voice of the company, their faces are the face of the company.

Many workers are allowed to work unaware of the huge skills they have and the value they add through the work they do well. Some business managers I have dealt with had assumed that staff knew that they were valued simply because they got paid for their work!

The greatest incentive for any worker is to know that they and the work they do is valued. Good managers look for ways to catch staff doing something very well. To manage valued and motivated staff in any business is very easy; to manage staff who don’t feel they or their work valued is almost impossible.

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